The process for an Interior Designer is going to look pretty similar to any other Interior Designer. It's important for you to know how it should all go so when you do find a designer to work with, whether it's me or not, you know what to expect at all times. The way I run my designs ensures that you are informed at every step and aren't caught by surprise.

- Initial Consultation; This can happen online or in person. Basically it's how I get to know you, and how I get to know your space. You talk about your goals for the space, budgets, your overall taste, etc. I talk about how we can get it there. 

- Measurements/Assessments; This usually takes place at the same time as the Initial Consultation, or it could be at a different time/place depending on your project. I'll measure and photograph the space (or have you do it, depending on the Investment Package you've selected) for possible space planning and for my general reference to call back upon.

- Planning and Design; Now I get to go to work on the meat and potatoes of the project. The actual process of getting your space to look how you want it to. Typically done in the comfort of my own home or office where I can get the creative juices flowing. Where I can sketch, draw, plan, and render your space. This is also the point in the process where, if needed, we would visit shops and showrooms to either procure items or get other ideas.

- Cursory Presentation; This is another step that could be in person or online. I'll submit to you a nearly completed plan for your space, including any costs associated with the project according to your budget. It's at this point that you can make any suggestions for changes to the plan and design or budget (keep in mind I'll push for certain things based on overall design principles, but you are the end user!). If you don't like it, speak now or forever hold your peace! 

- Final Presentation; After I've made any adjustments requested, you will receive the final look. It's exactly like the Cursory Presentation, except this will be the end product that you have approved of before we move on to...

- Installation/Staging; The point of the process where, if needed, I'll be on hand to oversee the last little bits of the project, as well as stage any items needed to bring it to showroom quality.

If we follow these steps, stay in touch, and treat the project like the fun event it will be, then I can't imagine you'll be losing much sleep over your investment!