I recently had someone reach out to me with an idea; she had seen some pictures online of some cocktail tables made out of tree trunks. Only issue was she didn't want to pay the high dollar prices for shipping really heavy items, nor the high dollar prices for light-weight resin reproductions. TJD to the rescue! She had a tree in her front yard cut down recently, so I have the pieces I need to begin construction. Now I just have to wait a bit for them to dry out so I can get to work sealing, painting, and finishing the tables. Stay tuned for updates!

Below are the computer renderings done to help get an idea of the final look and scale. These were done before I had the sections of trunk in my possession, so they appear a bit larger than in real life.

Elbow-deep in the dirty work now. Wire brushing the moss, sanding, drilling, etc. We're getting close!

They're completed! Two cut log sections from a tree cut down in the front yard, painted, sealed, and ready to party!