Without getting too flighty on you and throwing out really high concepts that only people in the 'know' really understand, my inspirations are pretty simple. Like any red-blooded American male that eats plenty of bacon, I'm drawn to the outdoors; hard, rustic surfaces with natural patina, the bright greens of grass on the other side, and the dull earthy browns of the grass on the side I'm on.

But I've also been told on many occasions that there are two sides of me; the outdoorsy me that chops wood and sits by the campfire all night, and the city me that wears a purple paisley shirt with a skinny tie and tailored tweed jacket when he orders a manhattan. As much as I'm drawn to the outdoors, I'm equally drawn to the city life; dark steely blues of the buildings and asphalt grays of the streets, clean lines, reflective glassy surfaces, and the soft glow of the cocktail lounge lights.

Designs from various time periods and styles are always fascinating to me as well. The low slung post-modern contemporary looks of the 60's, the wild and vibrant colors and patterns of the 70's, 80's denim, 90's grunge and plaid. From the intricate lines of french-provincial to the rustic sturdiness of American Shaker. Each period has their piece, each piece can have a place in your space. It's my job to use any and/or all of it to bring that space to life.

Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.
— Billy Baldwin, 'the Dean of Indigenous Decorators' (he hated the term 'interior designer')