She's been done for a while now, but I've only recently been able to get in the client's home for some finished pictures. This was one of the longer and more involved projects' I've ever worked on, but the end product is more than work the sawdust and sweat put into it. Take a look below for the finished product, as well as some backstory and the process it took to get there. Enjoy!

Another recycled-fallen-tree project coming your way! Sometimes all it takes for someone to be inspired is a little Pinterest searching. And see your previous tree 'experience' on your website. And know that you have a chainsaw. This client's idea is pretty special, and it takes a special client to know they want a tree inside of their home. I give you... the Indoor Tree!

Inspiration from Decor 4 All via Pinterest.

Client's living room.

Rendering of the 'indoor tree' in the space. 

It's certainly going to be quite the undertaking, but that's why I do what I do, right? Locating a tree with a look unique enough for the client's liking has been hard to come by, so I'm going to create one instead. A large tree fell recently, and he secured the 'rights' to all the pieces we could take. Essentially I'll be carving a tree out of another tree with gas powered machinery. What could be more fun? Below, the tools of the trade and the trunks and branches I have to work with...

Work has begun halving the trees lengthwise and hollowing out the insides to shorten the distance the tree will protrude from the wall and to cut weight. The trunks sat untouched in a basement to dry out a bit and get any critters out of the way. Those kind of surprises after it's installed are not very fun. Also shown below are the trunk halves after shaving the bark off to get a lighter color and cut down on the messiness it could create indoors.

Next stage is the assembly and sealing of the trunks, as well as test fitting it inside. After that I'll be cutting, shaving, finishing, and assembling the branches to complete the look. Check back in later on for more progress!