Part two of my "Re-use the door" program picks up right here with this special little project. If you caught part one, the Big Green Egg table, then you know exactly what was used for the top of the table. If you happened to skip it, then go back and catch up, I'll wait... Ok, got it? Good. So I had one more door to use, and the homeowners needed some sort of surface for their two sons to get a little homework done up in their bedroom. I picked up the door and got to cuttin'. So here it is, the Homework Desk!

I knew before putting pen to paper that the table was going to be paired with a set of bright red Eames style bucket chairs, so a slightly more modern look was going to be necessary to help bridge the gap between the old rustic wood of the desk top and the brand new chairs. I also knew the door was too wide by about a foot. The original door was 3 feet, and it had to come down to 2 feet. I had to get creative with the saw, and by cutting one end off of the door I created a sort of 'live edge' that exposed where the individual door panels were joined. It turned out to be a really neat effect!

The finished table is the perfect mix of old and new and I couldn't be more excited about how it came out. The straight, clean lines, exposed wood grains, and 'live edge' on the door contrasts nicely with the soft curves and texture of the chairs. A glass top was cut to size to ensure the desk could actually be used effectively (sorry kids, no excuses!). But in the end, I have no doubts the kiddos will enjoy writing on this particular table for years to come.