We don't always need the full treatment when we need help for something. Sometimes I just feel a little bit sick. Not quite sick enough to get up and go to the doctor and sit in the waiting room and file the insurance paperwork just to have the doctor tell me it's nothing to worry about and to take such-and-such medicine 3 times a day for the next week, but sick enough that I need someone to tell me what I should be doing. That's when I take the short drive to the Pharmacist, ask a few questions, get expert advice, and take that same medicine. Why can't the same concept apply for designers? Luckily, there's me.

With our Access Consultation package, you get 'access' to your very own designer. Think of it as having a designer on retainer in half hour blocks for whatever projects you have coming up. Need help selecting paint colors for the blank walls of the meeting rooms in your office? One half-hour block would probably do the job. Have a master bedroom and bathroom going through major renovations? Purchase a block of 5 hours and use the blocks when needed. On Monday, call in a 30 minute block to visit the home so I can get before pictures, measurements, etc., then 1.5 hours at the furniture stores of your choice to help nail down the decision on that bedroom furniture and accessories. When it's time for tile in the bathroom on Thursday, call in another hour to meet you at a tile shop to make some selections. Use another hour for some floor plans of your space. When it's time for installation 2 Friday's from now, call in your last hour for help with final installation, accessorizing, and 'last looks.' 

The great thing about Access is that there's no set time you're forced into. Purchase as many half-hour blocks as you want, and use them when needed. No minimum purchase requirements, no presentations you'll be forced to sit through, no strings attached.

$75 Half Hour Block

$100 per Hour Block

($50 for every half hour after a full hour)

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Fine Print: Access Consultation package will allow for up to two change orders after presentation (you don't like something in the design, I change it). After two change orders, hourly rate ($100/hr) will set in until approval of changes.
Time blocks carry a 1 year expiration. No refunds for time unused.