The tasting room is open, so I can actually let the cat out of the bag now! Arches Brewing is now open in Hapeville, GA. It's been a long process and is by no means completed yet; there's still things to be done to complete the look they've been after, but they're now ready to serve beer. Take a look at the (nearly) finished project, see below for their design story and process, and don't forget to stop by and have a taste for yourself!

A group of friends set out to follow their dream, and I jumped at the chance to help them out when they finally went all in on a site for their growing brewery operation and tasting room in historic Hapeville, GA. Prime real estate in the art district, down the street from the new Porsche headquarters, and a stone's throw away from the airport. If you don't know about them now, you'll soon hear all about them.

The building used to be office space split up by partition walls and dropped ceiling tiles. They've since opened up the front of the building for the tasting room and kept the back of the building open for boilers and a large walk in refrigerator. All of the construction work is being done by the brewers to help keep the costs of a fledgling business within reason.

Like any design project we do, the brewery has gone through several iterations. Below are some of the 3D renderings we've done after a few design sessions (and quite a few emails) with the brewers. Some things will be kept, some things will be removed. It all depends on the desires of the owners, the budget, and the time frame the construction will have to be done in.