I love it when I select something for a client and it's "currently out of stock," "Not available until Febtober 37th," or "sorry, never making it ever again." I could scour the world wide web for something equivalent (but that becomes extremely difficult when what you're looking for is so specific), or I could just make it myself! I can use the time I would have spent on the computer looking for an item and instead use that time looking for local materials to build it myself.

So a tiny smile crept across my face when the words "Shipping late August" were scrawled across the page for a vintage beirgarten table. So instead of looking, I got started making (I cleared it with the client first, duh)! I purchased the folding metal frames instead of a complete table and made the top out of boards reclaimed from an old saw mill here outside of Atlanta. A little bit of southern charm mixed in with traditional German seating for your very own beer garden. Hope you like it as much as I do!