To make a long story relatively short, the wife and I found out our family of two was going to become a family of three (four, if you count the dog). I couldn't sit idly by and click 'add to cart' on some random piece of furniture that was only going to be used for a few weeks at most. I wanted to make something for our baby (it's a boy, by the way) with my own hands, from my own mind, that would last for a long time and tell a story about what he means to us. So the bassinet was... born, I suppose.

I had designed the bassinet to be two separate pieces; a bottom table-top, and the bassinet to be placed on top for ease of moving and carrying around the house if need be. I had plans for a pair of simple curved wooden rails mounted under the bassinet itself to allow for a rocking feature. After experimenting with that, I couldn't get the rocking right, nor did I feel comfortable with my child basically doing a balancing act a few feet in the air. After initial construction, I attached the bassinet to the table and installed springs at each end under tension to keep the bassinet from becoming un-balanced once he gets settled in.

A few pictures here showing the results after the bulk of construction was finished. Then it was a matter of the finishing touches; stain, safety netting, and getting the rocking right.


The finished product! I couldn't be happier with the results. The hairpin legs and tapered shape of the bassinet itself give it a great mid-century look that I'm always after. Hopefully our little guy likes it as much as I do! don't forget to check out my instagram page @taylorjarsondesigns to see a video of the bassinet in motion!