Let's be honest, not everyone is particularly excited to invite relative strangers into their lives or homes. After all, these are very personal areas. They also might be messy areas (have you ever had a guest come over before you got the chance to tidy up?); dog hair still on the rug, dirty dishes in the kitchen after a crazy family dinner, unmade beds left and right. Life happens, and I understand that more than most. With today's technology we can try and eliminate to awkwardness of apologizing profusely for 'not having time to clean,' or never having the time to schedule that meeting. This package is perfect for today's busy households, or even the DIYers among us.

With our entry level package, you get the designer with an educated eye without a lot of the hassle. You send me all the pertinent information; a few high-res pictures of the space from various angles, measurements and dimensions of the room/s and/or furniture, any pictures or written word illustrating your inspiration behind the project, and your budget for the changes to the space. Most importantly, you tell me about yourself; activities you like to do, how you currently use the space, how you plan to use the space in the future, time of day you use it, overall plans and ideas you have.

After I've collected all the details I need, I get to work planning your space. You'll receive a list of the items I've curated for your space, from paint colors to pillows, draperies to wall decor, furniture to light fixtures; the list only gets as big as your budget calls for. If the need arises, you'll also receive a detailed, scale floor plan to help with any space planning issues we might be solving.

The design you receive is my vision for your space (hey, that's why you hired a designer, right?). There is no obligation to use any of the ideas given, nor is there a time table for completion. It is up to you what you do with the plans that are presented, and when you use them. If you like a chair I selected, but found one you like better in a similar color, go for it! You can use my plans as a framework to make the decisions for your space. Best of all your plans and ideas will stay on record with me for any possible future projects we work on together; I'm a fan of complete stories, not disjointed tales. In the end I will ensure it all comes together.


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Fine Print: $150 for first two rooms, $50/ extra room. Online Consultation package does not allow for change orders after completion (you don't like something in the design, I change it). If you require more input, see our "Access Consultation," or an hourly rate ($100/hr) will set in for any changes you wish to make.