There's always an appropriate time for having meetings online. Sometimes the business world or your own personal life dictates that it has to happen like that. The internet age is a crazy time to be alive, isn't it! But if I have to be honest, I'd choose a handshake over a keystroke when it comes to clients any day of the week. Not only do I get to be in the space and see it with my own eyes, but I get to meet the client in person; get to know their personality, see how they react within the space they're in, read their body language. All great things to know as a designer who's getting ready to tailor a space to you.

With our In-Home Package, you get all the benefits of the Online Consultation with the added bonus of having the designer in your space. You pick the time and date (mornings, afternoons, or evenings, weekdays or weekends, barring any scheduling conflicts I may already have), and I'll come do a site visit. I will take all of the pictures, take my own measurements, take my own notes. You won't have to lift a finger.

Once my designs are complete, the only finger you'll have to lift is the one controlling your computer mouse. You'll receive the same finish packet as with the Online Consultation; list of items you can purchase, scale floor plan if space planning is called for, and other ideas I've had for the space. The plans you receive are just my vision for a completed space (again, that's why you hired me, duh), a road map if you will. There is no obligation to use any of these ideas, nor is there a schedule for when you have to implement them; you can do it all on your schedule, piece by piece, until you are satisfied with your new space. But if you feel the need to deviate from the 'map' because you've found something you like more than what I've picked, go for it! Make it an adventure. You only need to go in the same direction (stay with the color pallet, general shape and size of furniture, etc.), how you get to the final destination is up to you. Your project will also stay on file with me in case I'm ever called upon again to continue similar design threads into other spaces.


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Fine Print: $250 for first two rooms, $100/ extra room. In-Home Consultation package does not allow for change orders after completion (you don't like something in the design, I change it). If you require more input, see our "Access Consultation," or an hourly rate ($100/hr) will set in for any changes you wish to make.