Usually I like to wash my own car when I get the chance. But on those days where I can tell it's going to be a full day's worth of work to clean the mud off and get the dog slobber out of the seats, I'll take her to the car wash. Now is when the decision is already made for me. I skip the basic washes and go all in to the top of the line wash; full service! Undercarriage wash, tire shine, carpet scrubbing, the whole shebang. Look good, feel good, as I like to say. Plus I'll get to show off the newly-clean ride to all the friends and passers-by. The Consultation packages are very much like your basic cleaning options at the car wash with a few add-ons when needed. Great for regular upkeep, or to tidy up here and there when it's time for a change. But when you really need to make more drastic improvements, our Full Experience is your top to bottom, complete design overhaul of any space you need.

The Full Experience Design equates to what you would go through with a larger interior design firm, only on a more personal level. You get everything that's included in our Consultation packages and then some, plus be involved as much (or as little) as you want during the process. Visits to your home for measuring, before pictures, brainstorming sessions, visits to lighting or furniture showrooms, sketches of the process to help massage out your vision, etc. It can all be yours (again, or not) depending on the level of involvement you would like. Regardless of your involvement, the end product is what we're really after. You'll receive itemized lists of proposed items for purchase, including furniture, lighting fixtures, accessories, etc. You'll also receive a presentation board complete with finished surfaces, fabrics, paint selections, floor plans, and 3D renderings of the possible finished product. After your final approval, I'll be along for the ride to help see you through to the very end. I'll oversee any needed contracting, installation of furniture pieces to ensure space plans are met, hanging of art pieces or draperies, and hand off a completed project when it's all said and done. 

If the T.V. show experience is what you're looking for, then this is the package for you. I'll tell you ahead of time it will take much much longer than 30 minutes, there are no commercial breaks, and I don't have a camera crew following me around, but I guarantee that once you see the end product it will still be camera ready!


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Fine Print: $1750 for first two rooms, hourly rate ($100/hr) for every extra room. Full Experience package will allow for up to three change orders after final presentation (you don't like something in the design, I change it). After three change orders, hourly rate ($100/hr) will set in until approval of changes.