About Me

Like most kids do, I started my creative streak at a very young age. The only difference between most kids and designers like me is I kept creating. Kept building. Kept drawing. Kept tinkering. I've spent nearly my entire life practicing and honing my craft. Not only do I love what I do, but I always find satisfaction in helping others understand and live the results of good design, live the picture in the magazine, or live the idea that's in their own head. That's why I got into Interior Design in the first place; to help people live better, happier, and more decorative lives.

As a graduate of the Interior Design program at Florida State University, I've learned from - and with - the best that the country has to offer. Unfortunately I graduated during the very onset of the housing market downturn, and it certainly didn't look like my career choice was the smartest one. Lucky for me Interior Design programs nationwide have drop out rates behind only doctors and lawyers. The program taught me many things, and chief among them was unwavering determination in whatever you do.

In the end it worked out for me. I started my design career soon after graduation in the furniture industry, working for one of the largest retailers in the Atlanta area as a designer for clients looking for home furnishings, space planning, and staging. After I garnered what experience I could, I moved on to arguably the most popular facet of home design - kitchen and bath. I worked for the largest tile retailer in the southeast designing kitchens and bathrooms from the ground up, from specifying tile and drawing plans, to scheduling contractors and overseeing final construction.

In between it all, I've kept creating, kept building, kept drawing, kept tinkering, and I can't wait for the next project to come around.

No matter how taste may change, the basics of good decorating remain the same: We’re talking about someplace people live in, surrounded by things they like and that makes them comfortable. It’s as simple as that.
— Billy Baldwin, the dean of 'indigenous decorators' (he hated the term 'interior designer')